Volkanu – Quest for the Golden Idol has opened at Lost Island theme park

by Susan and Simon Veness

Lost Island theme park in Waterloo, Iowa, celebrated its grand opening on June 18, 2022, debuting its signature dark ride attraction, Volkanu – Quest for the Golden Idol.

lost island theme park Volkanu
Photos courtesy of Lost Island

In keeping with the park’s mythical island theme, Volkanu’s storyline was inspired by fire, one of five elements that define the park’s lands, variously titled Mura (fire), Awa (water), Udara (air), Yuta (earth), and Tamariki (spirit).

The attraction, created by Sally Dark Rides, is located in the park’s signature volcano, and centers around a thrilling quest to locate the sacred Ora-Tika statue that is believed to keep Volkanu, the god of fire, dormant.

golden idol

Using powerful “thermal equalizers” (interactive devices), adventurers battle with Volkanu’s minions on their way to the Temple of Fire as they attempt to return the statue to its alter and restore peace to the island.

“It’s an impressive, incredible ride for a park of our size,” said Eric Bertch, owner of Lost Island. “It’s also specially themed around our parks, and completely unique.”

Featuring state-of-the-art, multi-level gameplay technology, the interactive ride is intended to have a high repeat factor.

“We are very happy that the ride incorporates the blasters that we see in a lot of the newer dark rides,” Bertch added. “This increases replayabililty. I’ve ridden it half a dozen times, and there’s always something new that I didn’t notice before. People will want to ride over and over.”

While participating in the story, guests will encounter several immersive themed environments during more than five minutes of showtime, featuring interactive 3D imagery, dynamic scenery, animatronic figures, and special effects.

lost island theme park volkanu special effects

“At Sally, we believe in creating immersive, engaging experiences for families,” said John Wood, CEO/chairman of Sally Dark Rides. “That’s what made our partnership with Lost Island theme park a perfect fit. There’s incredible thematic storytelling in this park. It’s truly going to transport families into a magical land. Volkanu will help bring the park’s unique story to life for guests to enjoy for years to come.”

The Bertch family’s new Lost Island theme park stems from years of expansion planning to transform their Lost Island waterpark into a resort destination.

“The new theme park builds on the magic we created with our waterpark for an all-new, immersive experience. With rides like Volkanu, we can’t wait to see the excitement on families’ faces […] for years to come.”

Find out more about the park and its attractions on TheLostIsland.com.

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