Walt Disney World named most eco-friendly tourist attraction

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but according to a study conducted by Uswitch, it’s also the most eco-friendly.

Walt Disney World
Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World

The energy team at Uswitch—a U.K.-based comparison and switching service that helps consumers compare prices on products and services—studied the sustainability statements published by 27 of the most-visited tourist attractions around the world. The team then scored each attraction based on their commitment to six planet-saving activities: sustainable transport, renewable energy, wildlife efforts, recycling program, water reduction, and low emissions.

Each attraction could score a maximum of 10 points for each activity, and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World topped the list with an impressive score of 56 out of the possible 60.

Uswitch, World's most eco-friendly tourist attractions

One major factor that Uswitch attributes for Magic Kingdom’s high score is the 270-acre, 50+ megawatt solar facility Disney brought to Walt Disney World, which generates enough power to operate two Disney parks. The solar facility also reduces annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 52,000 metric tons (equivalent to removing 9,300 cars from the road each year). 

Disney’s biggest competitor, Universal Orlando Resort, ranked in the eighth spot, with a score of 41.5 out of 60. Uswitch reports that the park has switched to LED lighting to decrease their energy consumption and carbon footprint, saving 2.6 kilowatt-hours annually. However, one significant difference is that Universal doesn’t have an extensive wildlife or nature conservation program like Disney’s.

Uswitch, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom vs. Universal Studios Orlando infographic

Climate change is a significant global concern, and it’s impossible to ignore tourism’s impact on the environment. Because of that, Uswitch believes that tourists should know how their favorite tourist attractions are working to help the planet.

Click here for the sustainability statement Uswitch studied for Walt Disney World and click here for Universal Orlando’s statement. For the complete Uswitch report, click here.


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