We tried everything from Tron Energy Bytes at the Magic Kingdom

We tried everything (and we mean everything) from the new Energy Bytes located right next to Tron Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom, and this new snack locale is much better than we expected.

We tried everything on the Tron Energy Bytes menu.

We are so happy to say the Energy Bytes station is not just an ice cream and popcorn stand, which some had assumed it would be. Instead, this locale features some of the most unique food items at the Magic Kingdom, including snack-sized eats and two drink items.

Tron Energy Bytes menu, with pricing and descriptions.

Energy Bytes Drinks

Watermelon Refresher ($5.99 + tax) – My one word description would be refreshing, just as it states in the name. I’m not usually a fan of watermelon drinks, but this was an exception. The Watermelon Refresher is quite sweet, but didn’t have an overwhelming watermelon flavor. The texture is close to a slushy, with little chunks of frozen watermelon drink inside. This drink was also served very cold, which I greatly appreciated because it was sunny and 91º F.

I would give this drink an 8/10, mostly for the perfect combo of subtle sweet and ice cold serving temperature.

Watermelon refresher and Joffrey's Coffee Cold Brew with Mocha Milk at Energy Bytes food kiosk.

Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew with Mocha Milk ($5.29 + tax) – Joffrey’s Coffee (especially cold brew options) are commonly seen around the parks, so this version with mocha milk offers a new location to grab some coffee. That being said, I wasn’t overly impressed, as it’s simply cold brew with a hint of chocolate. If you’re looking for caffeine with some chocolate flavor, this could be for you, but as this stand is close to the main Joffrey’s Coffee stand in Tomorrowland, I would head there for more options.

I would give this cold brew a 6/10, but it may be improved if you pair it with the Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes.

Energy Bytes Snack Items

Beef and Broccoli Digital Dumplings ($8.79 + tax) – Both dumplings options were a welcome surprise, and something that could become a fan-favorite at Magic Kingdom. Each option comes with three dumplings (which a bit pricey when you think that each individual dumpling is nearly $3 before tax), but the flavor and texture was definitely there to back it up. The accompanying toppings and sauce all added to the offering. Overall from the soft bite to the punch of flavor, I was quite impressed.

Beef and Broccoli Digital Dumplings offering at new Tomorrowland food kiosk.

These dumpling score an 8/10 for me, a great snack option, but they were bested by the buffalo dumplings in my opinion.

Buffalo Chicken Digital Dumplings ($8.49 + tax) – The buffalo chicken dumplings were fantastic. After only one bite, I knew this would become a staple for me when I visit the Magic Kingdom. I will state, I love buffalo options, so I could be a bit swayed by the taste and slight kick of heat, but that being said, these three chicken dumplings were near-perfect, from their flavor to texture. They were soft to bite, had a pop of chicken, a little bite of heat from the cayenne pepper broth, and the dehydrated blue cheese didn’t take over.

Buffalo Chicken Digital Dumplings at Tron Energy Bytes.

I easily give these chicken dumplings a 9/10, I just wish I could order an entree size (or that they were less expensive so I could justify getting numerous orders).

Energy Bytes Desserts

Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes ($5.79 + tax) – Fans of Dunkin’ Donuts donut hole Munchkins, this is your Disney equivalent. There isn’t much to say beyond you get five large chocolate donut holes drizzled with mocha sauce. These aren’t anything special, but they are the most “bang for your buck” option at the Tron Energy Bytes food kiosk (and as previously stated, they pair well with Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew with Mocha Milk if you’re looking for a chocolatey treat).

Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes dessert at new Tomorrowland food kiosk.

These chocolate doughnut holes score a 6/10, simply because they don’t stand out in this specialized menu.

Strawberry IceOform ($5.29 + tax) – This pretty-looking dessert has two signature toppings: caramelized graham cracker crumbs and cheesecake foam. The toppings have good flavor, but they also hide the fact that this entire dessert only has one ice cream mochi treat. Mochi is a dessert with a specific taste and texture, and this one was well prepared. The whole dessert had a nice flavor profile, and the strawberry taste didn’t get lost in the other options, but for $5.29, you may be tempted to look for a larger dessert option elsewhere.

Cold Strawberry IceOform dessert at Tomorrowland food kiosk.

I give this strawberry mochi a 7/10, its flavor and looks were good, but its small portion held it back.

Overall, this Tron Energy Bytes food kiosk surprised me. Even being next to one of the busiest locations in the park, my long list of items was prepared in less than two minutes. My food was hot, my drinks were cold, and the line to order was fairly short.

I can see this stand modifying itself over the years to find the exact niche of foods to offer, but for now, I will be heading back time-and-time again for those dumplings.

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