Wild Florida launches first-ever Gator Week this May for guests

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Experience Wild Florida’s first Gator Week May 1-6.

Wild Florida knows a thing or two about alligators, and this May, they want to share that knowledge with their guests as they host their first Gator Week, from May 1-6. To celebrate, Wild Florida will also be offering free admission to its Gator and Wildlife Park throughout that week.

Many believe that alligators are aggressive creatures looking for their next meal, but Wild Florida hopes to overcome that misconception and show that these reptiles are simply misunderstood. For Wild Florida, they believe that best way to do this is through education, interactive experiences and live demonstrations.

“Alligators are the stars of the show out here at Wild Florida and it is our job, as experts, to educate our guests on these fascinating reptiles,” says Ranier Munns, co-founder and co-owner of Wild Florida. “We dedicate much of what we do to gators all year long, so why not celebrate these animals with a week dedicated to them?”

The schedule for Gator Week has already been released, and has much to offer for Wild Florida’s guests:

  • May 1 – Experience the strength and power of an alligator’s bite with a live demonstration of these creatures smashing watermelons between one of the strongest jaws of any animal on Earth.
  • May 2 – Catch a live radio broadcast from 103.1 The Wolf, as well as demonstrations throughout the day of the Gator Jump-a-thon, where you can see just how high an alligator can jump to catch its prey.
  • May 3 – Watch Fox 35’s David Martin interact with the gators live on the air!
  • May 4 – Celebrate “May the 4th” and come in your “Star Wars” best! A grand prize will be awarded to the guest with the best costume.
  • May 5 – Come snap pictures with the animals in their Cinco de Mayo outfits and share cute animal memes on social media for a chance to win special prizes.
  • May 6 – Take your chance to get a free gator photo holding Fluffy, the alligator mascot for Wild Florida.

Along with all of the activities of Gator Week, Wild Florida will also offer a buffet in the Cypress Ballroom for $24.99 per person, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Guests can also watch the film “Lake Placid” (edited to be suitable for all ages) in the ballroom every day, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information on Gator Week, as well as educational facts and giveaways, follow Wild Florida on Twitter and Facebook, and visit gatorweek.com for a complete schedule of Gator Week events.


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