Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be ‘Open at the Close’ for special fan event

Guests attending the Harry Potter LeakyCon gathering in Orlando this summer will get a chance to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter after close for a special event. The convention runs from July 13 to 17 and is hosted by the popular Potter fansite, The Leaky Cauldron.

The special event in the Wizarding World will begin at 10 p.m. on July 13, leaving only LeakyCon attendees until 1:30 a.m. Only current LeakyCon attendees may purchase tickets at the moment, and the event is already half-full. The event includes access to all of the attractions and stores within the Wizarding World, as well as a special feast from Universal including Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Coddle, Soda Bread, Pumpkin Tarts and other traditional British fare. And of course, all of the Butterbeer you can drink.

Admission to the special event is not included with LeakyCon attendance, and must be bought separately at LeakyCon.com. Tickets are $120 per convention attendee, and $125 if purchased after June 1. Universal passes will not allow anyone to attend. Only LeakyCon guests may attend, but if there are still tickets available after June 15, attendees may purchase tickets for other guests who are not attending the convention.

For more information, visit the LeakyCon Wizarding World of Harry Potter event page Here.


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