VIDEO: Sneak peek of ‘Wonderful World of Animation’, coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney has released a sneak peek of “Wonderful World of Animation,” the brand-new nighttime projection spectacular that will make its debut on May 1 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

wonderful world of animation
Take a look behind-the-scenes at this new nighttime show.

This new show will utilize state-of-the-art projection mapping technology along with other effects to take guests through more than 90 years of Disney animation history. The team at Disney Parks Live Entertainment have been working on the new show for many months, and are now in the final stages of preparation.

Take a look behind-the-scenes in the video below:

Creating ‘Wonderful World of Animation’ for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“Wonderful World of Animation” kicks off with Mickey Mouse himself, celebrating his role in “Fantasia” before heading into themes of magic, family, adventure, romance, villainy, and friendship. Each of these themes will be represented by moments from Disney and Pixar animated films, including “Coco,” “The Incredibles,” “Sleeping Beauty,” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

This all-new nighttime show will make its debut tomorrow, May 1, for the 30th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Stay tuned for more of our event coverage here at


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