World’s first Tundra Twister flat ride coming to Canada’s Wonderland

Holding the accolade of world’s tallest, fastest, or longest is something all major theme parks wish to achieve for upcoming thrill rides, but on a rare occasion, a park can grab the title of world’s first. That’s what’s happening soon at Canada’s Wonderland with the upcoming Tundra Twister flat ride.

Tundra Twister
Images courtesy of Canada’s Wonderland

Tundra Twister will be a giant 360-degree spinning swing ride in the Frontier Canada area of the park. The only one of its kind in the world, Tundra Twister will have guests spinning, twisting and twirling upside-down at heights of 154 feet-in-the-air at speeds of 46 miles per hour.

Tundra Twister flat ride coming to Canada's Wonderland.

Building Tundra Twister!

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Canada’s Wonderland gave a behind-the-scenes look at ongoing construction progress for this ride. The park itself will re-open for the season May 5, 2023, and thrill fans are sure to flock to see the work being done.

Canada’s Wonderland will also be adding its 18th roller coaster, Snoopy’s Racing Railway. This family launch coaster will accelerate from zero to 31 miles per hour in a matter of seconds.

Snoopy's Racing Railway

“We’re proud to offer such a diversity of experiences to our guests,” said Norm Pirtovshek, general manager. “Through four seasons we have more than 200 attractions at the park, rides for guests of all ages and world-class events and entertainment that can’t be missed.”

Tundra Twister - Coming Soon to Canada's Wonderland (Trailer)

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