World’s longest wooden roller coaster is getting longer!

The Beast at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio will be two feet longer after a 2022 retracking that will break the coaster’s existing record.

The Beast kings island
Photos courtesy of Kings Island

At 7,359 feet long, The Beast, which opened in 1979, held the record for the World’s Longest Roller Coaster for 40 years. Offseason track work resulted in 2,000 feet of track replacement, and a steeper first drop that has added two feet to the track, solidifying its spot in the record book as the world’s longest wooden coaster.

The Beast’s first drop was re-profiled so that it can exit into a tunnel at a lower angle, for a smoother transition as riders head toward the second drop.

the beast new track
The Beast gets new track

When it reopens in May, 2022, the coaster’s total track length will be 7,361 feet.

“When you look at roller coaster records, they’re being beat all the time,” said Kings Island Vice President and General Manager Mike Koontz. “But there is one record that no park in the world has been able to beat for more than 40 years, until now, and that’s the record for the longest wooden roller coaster.”

the beast first drop under construction
The Beast’s first drop under construction

The Beast in numbers

  • The coaster’s cars travel at speeds up to 64.77 miles per hour.
  • Track length is 1.4 miles.
  • Ride time is four minutes, ten seconds.
  • It features vertical drops of 137 feet (now at a 53-degree angle) and 141 feet (at an 18-degree angle).
  • It has a 125-foot-long tunnel at the bottom of the 137-foot drop.
  • There are eight banked turns, some at 45 degrees.
  • Among its highlights are a 540-degree helix tunnel near the end.

When Kings Island opens for the 2022 season, guests can enjoy more than 100 rides and attractions, plus seasonal experiences such as Halloween Haunt and WinterFest 2022.

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