You can own a piece of the Kings Island Vortex coaster

The Vortex roller coaster at Kings Island is no longer in the park, but a piece of it can be yours to bring home.

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The Vortex steel roller coaster opened at the Mason, Ohio theme park in 1987, clocking in as the tallest full-circuit coaster in the world, and the first to invert riders six times. For 33 seasons, it was a magnet for serious thrill seekers, with its 148-foot-high lift, 138-foot drop, two vertical loops, a corkscrew, a boomerang turn, and a 360-degree helix that led to a screaming finish.

Some 46 million rides later, it all ended.

kings island

On Oct. 27, 2019, Vortex treated fans to a final thrill, and as the track was removed and dismantled, a limited number of segments were set aside. Now, those track slices are available for purchase, starting this weekend.

Eager to own a bit of Kings Island history? Vortex kits sell for $198.70 (note the purchase price’s correspondence to Vortex’s opening year) and include a 1.5 inch slice of track capped with metal plates and mounted in a display stand; a certificate of authenticity signed by Mike Koontz, executive vice president and general manager of Kings Island; and a limited edition Vortex postcard set.

Kits will be sold at the Emporium store on International Street in Kings Island, with a limit of two per guest. Park admission is required for entry.

Can’t make it to Kings Island? All kits that are not sold by the end of the weekend will be available for purchase online, starting Oct. 5.


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