Alan Menken composes official theme song for Dubai Parks and Resorts

Alan Menken dubai
Composer Alan Menken has written the official theme song for the upcoming Dubai Parks and Resorts.

He’s written music for mermaids, genies, and man-eating plants, and now Alan Menken has composed the official theme song for Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Dubai Parks and Resorts, set to become the Middle East’s largest integrated theme park destination, announced on August 7 the release of its official theme song. The track entitled “All the Wonders of the Universe” has been released as part of a pre-launch campaign to introduce the destination ahead of its opening in October 2016.

The official theme song is the soundtrack to a new short film which brings to life Dubai Parks and Resorts three theme parks – Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai – as well as Legoland Water Park, Lapita Hotel, and Riverland Dubai the retail, dining and entertainment complex connecting the whole destination. The song will also feature the extensive entertainment program currently being rehearsed at the parks in preparation for opening, and can be viewed on Dubai Parks and Resorts’ social media channels and Emirates Airlines entertainment channel “ice”.

The official theme song is a creative collaboration with the legendary academy award winner Alan Menken, an American film composer and pianist, who has an amazing track record for composing the scores for the world’s most famous animated movies. The song tells the story of joy, laughter and amazement coming together at Dubai Parks and Resorts.

You can watch a short film featuring the new song here:

Alan Menken, composer of Dubai Parks and Resorts official theme song said: “Writing the song and score for the Dubai Parks and Resorts project was fun and unique for me in many ways. Creating a central theme to inaugurate the park called upon the experience I’ve gained working with the Disney company; to encapsulate the concept of this particular park in a larger-than-life song and message. For inspiration I drew on the story that the Dubai Parks and Resorts team presented to me and imagined how a magical them park might spring to life in the middle of the desert. I really believe that the song ‘All the Wonders of the Universe’ is a perfect fit for this amazing new destination.”

Raed Kajoor Al Nuaimi, CEO of Dubai Parks and Resorts said: “We are very excited about the launch of Dubai Parks and Resorts’ official theme song, as it marks yet another milestone towards our opening in October 2016. Our goal is to give our guests the chance to ‘Experience Amazing’, and I believe that this collaboration with Mr. Menken has brought us one step closer to achieving that.”

For more about Dubai Parks and Resorts, watch this behind-the-scenes preview of the Motiongate Dubai park:

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