Avengers Campus now open at Disney California Adventure – Full Video Tours

Guests visiting Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort can now team up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the all-new immersive land, Avengers Campus, which held its grand opening ceremony on June 2 ahead of its official opening on June 4.

avengers campus

This new land is entirely inspired by the Marvel Universe and it’s Super Heroes, where guests can be recruited and train to become the next generation of Avengers.

Avengers Campus Walk-Through Tour at Disney California Adventure

With two attractions, the already-open Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and the new Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, guests can live out epic adventures pulled straight from the comics, television shows, and movies they love.

At Walt Disney Imagineering, our goal is to always deliver on adventure, immerse guests in a story and really tap into their imaginations. One of the great opportunities with Avengers Campus was collaborating with our studio partners from the very beginning.

It has been a truly dynamic collaboration. We’ve taken the famous Nick Fury line, “You’re part of a biggest universe. You just don’t know it yet” into every attraction, heroic encounter and experience in the land. This will make every guest feel like they are a part of something even bigger as they find the Super Hero within themselves at Avengers Campus.

Scot Drake, Portfolio Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering
Ridercam and Preview of Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure in Avengers Campus
Full Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure Ride-Through, Queue and Preshow POV in Avengers Campus

On board Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, guests can put their web-slinging skills to the test and help Peter Parker save the day from out-of-control Spider-Bots before they take over the Campus. Blending physical sets with virtual environments and a gaming element, this interactive adventure is great for the whole family. Plus — no height requirements!

The Super Heroes and Villain Characters at Avengers Campus, Disneyland Resort
Full Warriors of Wakanda Show in Avengers Campus at the Disneyland Resort

In addition to the rides, guests can also encounter some of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains in exciting and epic encounters, including Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor, Loki, Taskmaster, Doctor Strange, and more.

Full Doctor Strange Mysteries of the Mystic Arts Show in Avengers Campus
Spider-Man Swings Over Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort

You can even catch Spider-Man himself swinging through the skies above the Campus!

Inside Pym Test Kitchen at Avengers Campus, Disneyland Resort

As for dining, guests can head over to Pym Test Kitchen, where Pym Particles have been utilized to transform normal foods into massive and tiny dishes. Next door at Pym Tasting Lab, adults can order craft beers poured from unique taps that actually allow the glasses to fill from the bottom up.

It wouldn’t be a Marvel-themed land without Shawarma, and the Avengers made sure to bring Shawarma Palace to Disney California Adventure. This food cart offers hand-held savory wraps with chicken shawarma and garlic sauce, or an Impossible plant-based falafel wrap.

Avengers-in-Training with a sweet tooth can head over to Terran Treats, where Taneleer Tivan has curated strange churro spirals with unique flavors, and a cosmic orb with an outer shell that reveals a creamy filling inside, along with other curious concoctions.

Mobile ordering is also available for Super Heroes on a mission to make dining convenient and easy.

Web Suppliers Tour at Avengers Campus, Disney California Adventure

Recruits in need of gear can visit WEB Suppliers to pick up a variety of superhero swag, including the WEB Power Band, which allows a more customized experience on Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure. The Campus Supply Pod is the place to power up with official Avengers Campus gear like performance fleece hoodies, tees, headwear, drinkware, and more.

Interactive Avengers Campus Marvel Spider-Bot and Web Slingers Merchandise

You can check out our full overview and report from Avengers Campus in the video below:

Overview and Interviews Inside Marvel Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

What are you most excited to experience at Avengers Campus? Are you planning a trip to join your favorite Super Heroes? Tell us in the comments.


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