Batgirl debuts at Warner Bros. World in honor of International Women’s Day

by Susan and Simon Veness

Batgirl is the latest DC super hero to join the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi lineup, and she’s making her introductory appearance on International Women’s Day.

Batgirl Warner Bros. World
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

On March 8, 2022 – International Women’s Day – Batgirl will join Batman’s longstanding crime fighting crusade in Gotham City, and she begins her quest just in time for the ladies-only experience, “Women of Warner.”

Batman debuted in DC Comics in 1939, and now, 83 years later, it’s time for the women to show how mighty they really are.

Crime is still rampant in Gotham City. Super-villains control a sinister underworld. Tension is running high, the police have flooded the sky with spotlights, and helicopters hover over a city in crisis. That will be the setting Batgirl steps into as she surveys the area she has sworn to defend.

Warner Bros. World’s new character offers visitors and superfans yet another hero to meet and greet as Batgirls takes her place alongside Batman, ratcheting up the excitement and honoring the day dedicated to remembering the power of women.

During Batgirl’s “reveal,” guests can also enjoy various activities and shows at the Gotham City area of the park as part of The Batman Season’s ongoing celebration, which runs through March 31.

Women will also have the opportunity to experience “Women of Warner,” which offers female guests and their friends the chance to enjoy their visit in total comfort and privacy.

For more information visit WBWorldAbuDhabi.com.

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Peter F. March 3, 2022 - 6:29 pm

How come there’s a Warner Bros. theme park in Abu Dhabi and not one in the US? Six Flags can’t possibly count, can it?


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