Disney100 celebrates Steamboat Willie in new Decades Collections

Disney is launching a new line of merchandise inspired by 1928’s “Steamboat Willie,” the classic first appearance of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as part of the Disney100 Decades Collections.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie Loungefly backpack
Images courtesy of Disney

Disney100 is well underway, and as part of the Walt Disney Company 100th anniversary celebration, a new batch of exclusive merchandise called the “Decades Collections” will debut on the third Monday of each month. Each collection will focus on a new time period, beginning with the 1920s with all items spotlighting “Steamboat Willie” specifically.

Logo artwork for the Decades Collections indicates the 1930s line, which arrives in March, will include 1937’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Decades Collections

All merchandise in the 1920s collection is limited-release and will be available on shopDisney beginning Feb. 20, at 7 a.m. PST.

Steamboat Willie Loungefly and Ears

A new Loungefly mini-backpack ($88) depicts a film reel and images from Mickey’s film debut, including Pete, barnyard animals, the “Steamboat Willie” boat itself, and, of course, Mickey in his now-famous pose at the wheel. The straps of the mini-backpack continue the motif, looking like rolls of film.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie Loungefly backpack
Decades Collections Steamboat Willie Loungefly backpack

Looking for new Mickey ears to wear to the parks? The new “Steamboat Willie” ear headband ($39.99) celebrates Mickey’s vintage roots. Each side of each ear shows a different image, for a total of four visuals from the 1928 short film.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie ear headband
Decades Collections Steamboat Willie ears headband

A tag on the ears headband says “Series 1 of 10,” indicating that every Decades Collection in the Disney100 celebration will include ears.

Steamboat Willie Toys

The “Steamboat Willie” musical boat toy set ($59.99) features the namesake vessel and character figurines to go with it (Mickey, Minnie, a cow, and a goat). Disney says the set is inspired by vintage tin toys from the 1920s.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie toy set

This “Steamboat Willie” plush toy set depicts both Mickey and Minnie dressed in their 1928 black and white style. Mickey wears his shipmate hat while Minnie dons her signature flower cap. The set of two is $44.99.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie plush set

Steamboat Willie MagicBand+ and Pin

A new MagicBand+ sports Mickey in his iconic “Steamboat Willie” whistling pose at its center. Music notes, the paddle wheel, Pete, the laughing parrot, and a Disney100 logo adorn the rest of the wearable bracelet. Guests at Disney theme parks can link the MagicBand+ to their profile for use as their park ticket (and at Walt Disney World, their resort room key). The “Steamboat Willie” MagicBand+ is $64.99.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie MagicBand+
Decades Collections Steamboat Willie MagicBand+

This new “Steamboat Willie” pin ($29.99) features a happy-go-lucky Mickey in his black-and-white style.

Decades Collections Steamboat Willie pin

Disney100 Celebration

The Decades Collections are just part of extensive series of merchandise lines, all part of Disney100. Items from the Eras Collection and the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Collection are already available on shopDisney.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit plush
Plush toy available as part of Disney100’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit collection

At Disneyland, park guests can join in the celebration with a new fireworks show, a new version of “World of Color,” and the grand opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Wondrous Journeys
“Wondrous Journeys” fireworks show as part of Disney100 at Disneyland

In Philadelphia, Disney just opened “Disney100: The Exhibition,” commemorating a century of Disney history. Future domestic stops of the exhibition’s tour will hit Chicago and Kansas City. An international variation of the exhibition will open in Munich on Apr. 18 and in London in fall 2023.

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