Disneyland Paris shares exclusive preview of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Just a few months ahead of its opening in 2021, Disneyland Paris has shared a sneak peek of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

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This project required two years of study and research, followed by two years of construction with the help of many teams at Disneyland Paris. The construction site represents a real challenge, because the hotel has been completely redesigned in a more contemporary style that will immerse guests in the ambiance of a modern New York art gallery.

From the moment you enter the hotel, you’ll find the spirit of New York City reflected in the vertical architectural lines, referencing the iconic skyscrapers.

Marvel art is a major part of the hotel’s transformation, with no less than 300 works on display crated by more than 95 artists – and about 50 were created specially for the hotel.

Once guests enter the lobby, they’ll find a huge backlit comic strip, as well as a showcase featuring three life-size armors of Iron Man and Captain America’s shield.

The Manhattan Restaurant will display a luminous structure in the form of a chandelier inspired by Manhattan in its form, but also by the kingdom of Asgard in its materials and colors.

For the Downtown Restaurant, the Imagineers were inspired by New York City delis, where many caricatures of celebrities can be found. Here, no less than 90 sketches by Marvel designers will be on display – making this the place with the most pieces of art per square meter in the hotel! Spaces have also been planned out to meet the operational needs of cast members. Therefore, the Skyline Bar’s surface area has been modified, both on the floor and behind-the-scenes.

“We didn’t just do a very light refurbishment; we reinvented all of the spaces to correspond with both the operational needs and those of the employees,” said Imagineer Sylvie Massara, artistic director for Disneyland Paris hotels.

With the Skyline Bar, the desire is to transport guests to a bar at the top of a New York City skyscraper.

“The Skyline Bar has been reconstructed in 3D, a virtual reality system made possible by our Imagineer colleagues in Glendale,” said Imagineer Thomas Muller, designer-scenographer. “They’ll find the shot that will be projected on these screens, a shot that is as realistic as possible and takes into consideration the positioning of the bar and particularly a view that will not make you dizzy!”

The transformation of the hotel continues to the Metro Pool, which has been redesigned to evoke a New York City subway! On the floor are gray markings like those found on subway platforms, typical white tiles on the walls, and even the names of some stations that Super Heroes may have used are on display.

You can check out the exclusive sneak peek tour of Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel below:

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Aperçu exclusif

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