Disney’s Animal Kingdom shares update on animal care during closure

While Walt Disney World Resort is temporarily closed due to the ongoing virus crisis, Disney’s Animal Care team is continuing to provide care at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

animal kingdom

Thousands of animals roam the savanna and seas at Walt Disney World, and the Animal Care team is following state and federal guidelines to ensure their own health, while simultaneously taking care of the creatures they oversee.

animal kingdom

“Whilst our beautiful park might be temporarily closed, […] the animals are all still here,” said Dr. Mark Penning, vice president of Animals, Science & Environment for Disney. “We have a dedicated Animal Care team following state and federal guidelines, working behind the scenes, to ensure that our animals continue to get the very best care.”

Disney will continue to share updates on the animals to help brighten the day of fans at home while the parks remain closed. Guests are also encouraged to follow Penning on Instagram @DrMarkAtDisney to see the work he and his team do to care for animals and make an impact on environments and habitats across the globe.

“I’m immensely proud of our amazing cast that put their heart into taking care of these animals every day,” said Penning.

Want to see a quick update on how the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are doing? Check out the video below:

Caring for Animals: Dr. Mark Penning Shares Appreciation for Dedicated Team

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  1. I have insomnia. Out WDW trip was canceled but I was wondering who was there caring for the animals. (I knew there would be hundreds taking care of them) but I just wanted to see if any vids were out there and of course DISNEY DOESN’T EVER let us down. Xoxo