Fans of ‘The Munsters’ TV series recreated the iconic mansion in Texas

The 1964 television series “The Munsters” may have only been on the air for a couple of years, but the iconic show has made quite the lasting impression on pop culture. One set of mega-fans took their fandom to a new level when they recreated the iconic mansion home of The Munsters in Waxahachie, Texas. Sandra and Charles McKee painstakingly recreated the home by watching episodes of the series over and over again. Take a look at this photo collection from the home sharing the amount of detail and love put into this recreation.

munsters mansion recreated
munsters mansion recreated
Munster Mansion Grand Staircase and Entry

As soon as you enter the front doorway, you’re greeted by a robotic version of Spot, The Munsters family pet, living under the main entry staircase just as he did on the show. This highly-detailed entryway makes it immediately clear that these fans fully invested in this project.

Throughout the mansion, surprises wait around every corner. As you enter the living room, you set off a trigger that begins to play “The Munsters” theme song through the prop organ. You’ll also find life size figures of characters from the show including Herman, Lily, Eddie, and Grandpa Munster. Marilyn’s figure will arrive soon as more and more details are added to the house as each year passes.

The house is full of practical trap doors and mechanics. One moment you’ll be looking at a knight in shining armor, until the pedestal rotates to reveal a skeleton on the other side.

munsters mansion recreated
Marilyn’s Bedroom

Fans of Disney theme parks will be delighted to find a painting of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion snuck into Grandpa’s room.

The mansion also includes several rooms not seen on the television series. One of those rooms is covered wall to wall with “The Munsters” memorabilia. In addition, the dining room is used for murder mystery parties that include a tour of the home as well as a night of adventure.

munsters mansion recreated

You can visit this private residence by booking a tour or taking part in a murder mystery. More information can be found at Check out our video tour of the Munsters Mansion recreated below:

The Munster Mansion in Waxahachie, Texas – House Tour with Opening Remarks from Owners

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