Kingdom Hearts 3 special attack moves feature classic Disney attractions

After 13 years, Disney and video game fans alike were overjoyed this week when “Kingdom Hearts 3” finally released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

kingdom hearts 3
Experience some of your favorite Disney attractions in a brand-new way in Kingdom Hearts 3. Photo courtesy of

To the surprise of many theme park fans out there, there are six special command reactions that are themed to classic Disney attractions!

Called “Attraction Flow,” this command system allows Sora to use elaborate attacks against enemies using various rides from the Disney parks, particularly Disneyland park. There are six different attacks that players can use randomly throughout Kingdom Hearts 3:

  • Pirate Ship – Inspired by the Sailing Ship Columbia
  • Big Magic Mountain – Inspired by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Mad Tea Cups – Inspired by Mad Tea Party
  • Blaster Blaze – Inspired by Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
  • Splash Run – Inspired by Grizzly River Run
  • Magic Carousel – Inspired by King Arthur Carousel

These commands are triggered randomly at certain points in battle and utilized by pressing the triangle button. Players only have a few seconds to select the command.

Check out our video of every Attraction Flow in Kingdom Hearts 3 below:

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