Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel rooms coming to Tokyo Disney Resort

To commemorate the upcoming release of “Kingdom Hearts III,” Tokyo Disney Resort has announced new Kingdom Hearts-themed rooms at the Disney Ambassador Hotel.

kingdom hearts
Kingdom Hearts fans will definitely want to book at stay in these themed rooms.

These special, limited-time hotel rooms will be available from Tuesday, March 26 – Sunday, June 30, 2019, and feature decorations, linens, art, and souvenirs inspired by titles in the Square Enix video game franchise.

kingdom hearts

The headboards of the beds are decorated with key art from “Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance,” inviting guests into the world of sleep and dreams.

kingdom hearts

On the TV stand, a number of art pieces from the games are displayed almost like in a gallery. Art from “Kingdom Hearts III” and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix” can also be found.

kingdom hearts


Like Sora unlocks worlds in the game series, guests will open the door to these new rooms with a keyblade! This special room key is about 7 inches in length, and resembles Sora’s iconic Kingdom Key from the games. Each room will receive two Keyblade keys and two commemorative key boxes.

kingdom hearts

Guests staying in these rooms will also receive a set of souvenir Kingdom Hearts postcards as a special gift. Each room will get two different designs, and there are four designs in total. Additional requests for extra Keyblades, boxes, or postcards will not be granted.

These rooms can accommodate three adults with two regular beds and one trundle bed, and start at ¥46,100 ($425.11 USD). Online check-in is not available for these rooms.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel is also celebrating the game’s release with a special themed dining menu from March 26 – June 13 at the Hyperion Lounge and Tic Tac Diner. No further details on the menu have been released.

To book your own stay in these unique rooms, and to learn more, visit

Check out the latest trailer for “Kingdom Hearts III” below, and pick up the game when it releases on Jan. 29, 2019!

KINGDOM HEARTS III – Final Battle Trailer (Closed Captions)

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