Mario Cafe and Store opens at Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World will no longer be opening in 2020 due to the ongoing health restrictions worldwide, but, that doesn’t mean that Mario, Luigi and the vibrant world of their games cannot be enjoyed at Universal Studios Japan until then. Today, the brand-new Mario Cafe and Store has opened, and guests have begun to enjoy new food and drink items, get fun photo-ops, and purchase exclusive merchandise.

Guests eating in the new Mario Cafe
Photo by Universal Studios Japan

While the Mario Cafe and Store officially opens on Oct. 16, a celebration happened today and guests were able to enjoy a soft-opening afterwards. Perfectly Nintendo was able to grab photos of this new Mario Bros. themed area of the park.

Grand opening of the Mario Cafe and Store.
Photo by Universal Studios Japan

The Mario Cafe & Store offers guests exclusive themed food and merchandise in an immersive atmosphere. The exterior of the cafe and store features oversized Mario and Luigi cap sculptures and the interior includes checkered floors based on the iconic Mario Kart racing flags, LED signs, and a luminous sky ceiling.

Interior of the Mario Cafe
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

The interior of the store is as colorful as the upcoming land. Seen here are numerous details taken directly from the Mario video games. Much of this mirrors what is going on in the land as well.

Media photos of the speciality Mario themed food and drink options.

In a previous article, we spoke about the types of food, drink and merchandise options coming to the Mario Cafe and Store. The color schemes match Nintendo, while the wildly unique food offerings are something we have begun to expect from Japanese theme parks.

Mario, Luigi, and Peach food and beverage options.
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

Guests can enjoy fruity cream sodas and pancake sandwiches themed to Mario characters. That Mario strawberry pancake sandwich is calling my name!

Instagram worthy photo wall inside the Mario Cafe.
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

Much like we have seen in the land, there are fun details everywhere you look. The walls in the cafe and store offer a ton of fun Instagram-worthy photo-ops.

Even the trash cans are themed like the game, with the signature Mario-style font.

Mario Cafe prices signage.
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

For those interested, these are the current food and beverage offerings in the Mario Cafe. The Super Mushroom drink bottle is $17.07, the fruity Italian cream sodas are $5.69, and the pancake sandwiches are $6.64.

Super Mushroom drink bottle
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

The Super Mushroom souvenir sipper is sure to be a big seller. This iconic character from the games is expected to show up in many ways throughout merchandise, food, and even in the rides in the park.

Mario and Luigi's caps outside of Mario Store.
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

On the outside of the Mario store are Mario and Luigi’s hats above the entrance and exit. With the correct camera angle, these hat decorations may look just right for a photo-op from below.

Mario Store merchandise.
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

Inside the Mario Store is a ton of Mario, Luigi and Peach merchandise. Click on the photo above for a larger image where you can zoom in on the details. From clothing to household accessories, drinkware to miniature purses, this store seeks to offer something for all the fans of the Mario video games.

Whose Cap merchandise.
Photo by Perfectly Nintendo

The “Whose Cap?” merchandise also appears to be heavily linked to this new store and land. The Mario and Luigi hats are sure to be a big hit for guests planning on visiting.

The new Mario Cafe has speciality signage, which looks especially fitting as neon at night.

Even the bags that guests get include Mario details, including the “Whose Cap?” theming.

The upcoming land is still not ready to announce an exact opening date, but guests are already enjoying new Nintendo offerings at Universal Studios Japan with the Mario Cafe and Store.

Are you ready to try out new Mario themed food and drink offerings? Which piece of merchandise looked the best to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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