New coaster and more coming to Cedar Fair parks across North America in 2022

Cedar Fair, operators of amusement parks such as Cedar Point, Canada’s Wonderland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Schlitterbahn, and more, are known for their record breaking roller coasters and water slides. The company recently released plans for their upcoming 2022 season for parks across the US and Canada, with highlights including a 50th anniversary celebration for Ohio’s Kings Island, a new roller coaster at Virginia’s Kings Dominion, the re-opening of two renovated resort properties at Cedar Point, as well as seasonal event schedules throughout the year.

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Image courtesy of Kings Dominion

We’re in the business of making people happy, and we are actively investing in our parks to help us deliver the type of fun, immersive experiences that our guests crave and our associates love to provide.

We now plan to invest between $175-$200 million for the 2022 season to improve the guest experience at our parks. These investments include ongoing renovations at the Castaway Bay and Sawmill Creek resort properties at Cedar Point, as well as the addition of new rides, attractions and guest amenities across our parks in the U.S. and Canada.

Richard A. Zimmerman, Cedar Fair President and CEO

Highlights of Cedar Fair’s 2022 operating season additions include:


Kings Dominion will debut Tumbili (the Swahili word for “monkey”), a new 4D spin roller coaster to its re-themed Safari Village land, named Jungle X-Pedition. The land is themed around an archeological dig site and research facility with a restaurant and shopping. The anchor of the land is the Tumbili coaster that suspends riders on either side of the track as the cars flip continuously throughout the ride.

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Cedar Point will re-open two of its resort hotels after lengthy renovation — Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark hotel and Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts. Sawmill Creek is located seven miles from the park, adjacent to the Sawmill Creek beach on Lake Erie and Sawmill Creek Golf Club. Taking advantage of its location next to a nature reserve, Sawmill Creek by Cedar Point Resorts will offer a natural escape to enjoy the grounds, birdwatch, golf, or dock at the Lake Erie Marina. Cedar Point will also offer a full event lineup in 2022, including the Frontier Festival at the start of the season, Cedar Point Nights and Celebrate Spectacular Parade during the summer, and HalloWeekends in the fall. Finally, Frontier Town will get a new signature restaurant.

canada's wonderland
Photo by Dave Parfitt

Canada’s Wonderland will host its first-ever International Food Festival in 2022, in addition to a full season of events. The park will also debut a 500-seat, multi-level, rustic lodge restaurant with fireplaces and an outdoor patio overlooking Yukon Striker and the Frontier Canada vista.

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Knott’s Berry Farm will offer a full event schedule in 2022, kicking off with the return of the Peanut’s Celebration, followed by an extended Boysenberry Festival in the spring, Ghost Town Alive! in the summer, and Knott’s Spooky and Merry Farm closing out the year. In addition, the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel will undergo a major renovation to its 300+ room on-site resort.

kings island
Photo courtesy of Kings Island

Kings Island will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022 with limited-time events, special food offerings, and live entertainment, all telling the story of Kings Island’s first 50 years. The park will close and repaint its Eiffel Tower landmark icon as part of the celebration.

cedar fair
Image courtesy of Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Waterparks in New Braunfels and Galveston, Texas will continue to receive enhancements for the 2022 season, including upgraded food locations and attractions.


Finally, other Cedar Fair parks will offer a full lineup of seasonal events. The Grand Carnivale celebration will return to a half-dozen parks next summer, including Carowinds, Dorney Park, Valleyfair, and Worlds of Fun. In the fall, parks will offer Halloween-themed special events. Six parks will host Tricks & Treats events, with two others hosting Family Halloween. As the weather turns colder, WinterFest will return to Carowinds, California’s Great America, Kings Dominion, Canada’s Wonderland and Kings Island.

Each season we introduce a full slate of new rides and attractions, limited-time special events, and upgraded food and beverage programs.

Richard A. Zimmerman, Cedar Fair President and CEO

Which events are you most excited to see at Cedar Fair’s theme parks? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I hope it just isn’t being announced yet!?:) but cedar point is the roller coast and coaster capital. For as long as I can remember every 2 years we have seen a record breaking coaster!:) I understand the hole covid crap:( but the local die hard fans that when attendance numbers were limited capacity life long fans like myself made it a point to spend way more money than we would normally spend to show our support and thanks for beating the government off and give us a great 2020 season and comping our 2021 season!:) yes that is not forgotten! And so very much appreciated! :))) but it has been to long since we have broken a guiness world record!:) I know it takes years to go from concept, design and build:) so if 2022 is gonna be all about trying to get more tourist. Even though I am glad this year cedar point reached max capacity several times. I will just have to trust that the powers that be haven’t forgotten what made cedar point the roller coast! And 2023 will be worth the wait! So glad the platinum pass let’s me travel to ride new coasters and tride and true great coasters like beast and shivering timbers:) but fyi both of those parks need at least one hotel so my money to go stays with cedar fair!!!! Yes I take advantage of the hotel breakers deals for pass holders. Fun to do but takes longer to get into the park than front entrance!