Detailed look at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Fantasyland Expansion at Tokyo Disneyland

While the official opening date of the “Beauty and the Beast” expansion to Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland isn’t until Sept. 28, some lucky guests were able to see the area in a soft opening. These shots, provided by MAI, give us a detailed look at this new area.

Palanquin, the magical carriage from the animated film.

Large scale creations and attention to detail abounds in this new section of the park. Like Palanquin seen here, or known to most as the magical carriage from the animated film. The foreboding Beast’s castle in the background is impressive from all angles.

Beast's Castle in 'Beauty and the Beast' Fantasyland Expansion

The castle itself is the entrance to the brand new Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction. This trackless ride system takes guests through numerous memorable scenes from the animated film.

Bonjour gifts window-front in 'Beauty and the Beast' Fantasyland Expansion

But, Beast’s Castle is not the only new addition to this area. In fact, much of Belle’s village was added as well. And, in true Imagineering style, details can be found from the store windows to the weathering of the faux wood.

Bonjour gifts window details.

Much like shops on Main Street U.S.A., guests can peer in the windows to learn more about each little setup.

Restrooms signage in Belle's village.

Looking for restrooms? Search for the saw. Looking at the coloring, the somewhat oversized features and the stylization, this town is a cartoon come to life. A true fantasy town added to Fantasyland.

Entrance to Women's bathroom.

Since you are heading to the restroom, Imagineers took this chance to quite literally take you to bathroom stalls.

Bathroom horse stalls.

The theming continues inside with horses poking their heads out of each stall. And, these also serve a helpful purpose. By being attached to the doors they symbolize an open stall. A tiny detail that adds to the story and is functional.

Yet another popcorn cart at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Of course, Belle’s village also has some snack options. With Tokyo Disneyland being famous for popcorn options, it would be weird if they didn’t have a popcorn stand.

Snack stands in Fantasyland.

Other snack carts are elsewhere in the land near the new Fantasyland Forest Theatre. Currently these carts are closed until the land officially opens Sept. 28.

The Fantasyland Forest Theatre signage.

The Fantasyland Forest Theatre and “Mickey’s Magical Musical World,” will open at a date to be announced later. For now, we can appreciate this signage and other areas of this new land.

LeFou's churro stand.

Even more snack options are available in Belle’s village with LeFou offering apple caramel churros. For those interested, the 400 Japanese Yen price here is equivalent to $3.80 in the United States.

Decorative entrance to Gaston's Tavern.

Gaston has his own eatery as well of course. And, because Gaston is decorating, antlers will be everywhere.

Entrance to Gaston's Tavern and a look at the menu.

La Taverne De Gaston features handheld food items, dessert and a speciality drink.

Book store and missing sheep signage.

It is also important to note details such as these. There is book store signage hanging in the land. Also, there is a nailed up poster looking for the hungry sheep that took a bite out of Belle’s book.

Panoramic view of the land

This panoramic view of the “Beauty and the Beast” Fantasyland expansion is truly something magical. Every part of this looks like it was taken straight out of the film. We will get even more details once the land officially opens Sept. 28.

Take a virtual walking tour and hear the background music in this video. Plus, keep an eye out for even more fun Disney details:

Here’s a walk through Beast’s Castle, followed by a full ride on the new Beauty and the Beast attraction:

Beast's Castle Tour at Tokyo Disneyland - Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast Queue

How much does this make you wanna visit Tokyo Disneyland? Do you think “Beauty and the Beast” is worthy of such a big area? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Doesn’t make me want to visit Tokyo! I absolutely love B and The B, but this just makes me angry. WDW is saying that they are so low on revenue that they have to let go 28k US employees. This is just so wrong. A US company spending $$ overseas while they lay off their US employees! Maybe if they stopped trying to FORCE people to wear mask at their parks then their ticket sales would go up! Make the masks optional or at the very least allow the medical exceptions! 😡😡 Shame on your WDW! I’m really disappointed in you!