SkyBlazer “skydiving” coming to Cotaland amusement park

SkyBlazer swinging gondola attraction will give riders the sensation of skydiving when it opens at Cotaland amusement park in the Circuit of the Americas racing and entertainment center in Austin, Texas, in 2022.

SkyBlazer at Cotaland amusement park
Photo by Skyline Attractions

Designed by Skyline Attractions LLC in partnership with US Thrill Rides, the 18-passenger SkyBlazer circular gondola ride was announced at the 2021 IAAPA Expo as a first-of-its- kind amusement attraction that Skyline Attractions promises will offer “the thrill of skydiving while maintaining a safe and accessible experience.”

Amusement industry veteran Bill Kitchen came up with the concept, having also conceived the idea of the SkyCoaster attraction, which accommodates up to three riders at a time. The new ride is an evolution of the original, and will become an icon of Cotaland when it opens, with the arch the gondola is attached to reaching a height of 200 feet.

How does it work? Riders board one of 18 seats around the gondola’s ring structure at ground level, and strap into roller coaster-style restraints. After a safety check, the gondola will slowly rise backward until it reaches the height of a lift tower behind the arch.

During the journey upward, riders will enjoy a fantastic view of the Circuit of the Americas racing track before behind held for “a few suspenseful moments” pending the gondola’s released.

 As the gondola’s pendulum arm swings forward, the ring of seats will swivel along with the swinging motion, making several passes in both directions until an innovative “pendulum damper” at the top of the tower slows the pendulum to a stop.

Spectacular during the day, the ride will feature a lighting package that creates a “whimsical nighttime ride experience.”

Riders will have an unparalleled view of the midway below them, and the spectator value for those below will be immense.

Skyline Attractions has been a key player several other projects, including Texas Stingray at SeaWorld San Antonio and Roaring Timbers at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

SkyBlazer is currently US and foreign patents-pending.

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