Will there be a bathroom pass in queues at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Have you ever been in a really long line for a ride, and all of a sudden needed to run to the restroom, but knew you’d lose your place? Walt Disney World now has a little-known offering in place to help with that: the Bathroom Pass.

bathroom pass
Guests can now utilize the Bathroom Pass in order to run to the restroom without losing their place in line at select attractions.

The Bathroom Pass is a lanyard that allows guests in the Flight of Passage queue in Pandora – The World of Avatar to leave their spot in line to use the restroom and then return without giving up their position in line.

bathroom pass

The usage requirements for the pass is that one family member must stay in the queue to hold the person’s place. Guests who leave the line with the pass must also wait until their party reaches the end of the line before re-joining their group. Guests who use the Bathroom Pass will have to wait for the rest of their party in a holding area near the FastPass+ and standby merge area of Flight of Passage.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the Bathroom Pass process works:

  1. Have at least one party member continue to wait in the ride queue in your place
  2. Move forward or backward in the queue until you find a cast member
  3. Inform the cast member that you have to use the restroom
  4. Get a Bathroom Pass lanyard
  5. Go to the restroom
  6. Return to the attraction’s FastPass+ entrance where you will be allowed in
  7. Continue with the FastPass guests until you reach the queue merge and are moved into the Bathroom Pass holding area
  8. Wait for the rest of your party to meet up with you at the end of the queue
  9. Once everyone is together, everyone merges with FastPass+ to get on the ride

You can request a bathroom pass from any cast member found at the entrance, midway point, FastPass merge and grouper areas of the queue, and you only need one per party. However, if your family ends up passing by the Bathroom Pass holding area and you’re not back and waiting on them – tough luck. You’re not riding.

It’s possible we could see this offering be implemented in one or both of the ride queues for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. When we asked Disney to comment on whether we could see this offered in the new land, they said they “had no information to share at this time.”

What do you think of the Bathroom Pass? Do you think it would be a helpful offering for those waiting in line to experience highly-anticipated attractions like those in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I think this is the solution to once and for all stop the line jumpers, the ones who don’t actually have to use the bathroom, but take advantage and make everyone elses lives miserable. If you have a kid or an elderly person or a person w/a disability and they genuinely have to use the bathroom while in line, then this is awesome! Only caveat I would add is if you have to go bathroom, your remaining family member moves to the end of the line. This way, a fair chance is still given that those using the restroom can still ride.
    Oh, and I’m sorry to even type this, but I pray those lanyards are rfid enabled so they can be tracked that the person really is going to the bathroom, only again so line jumpers don’t use it to get a snack or duck into a store or even attempt to ride another ride. I say, if you get this pass and come back with food or a shopping bag, you get turned away.
    Only exception is if someone needs to use it to step out of line because of the heat, but then they should have a DAS anyway.
    Can they incorporate this at every queue? Please?

  2. Since there are long lines at lots of other rides I think this policy should be implemented in all 4 parks.

  3. Great idea. However, I still see a couple of pitfalls for the really big lines. Firstly, one person in the party would always have to stay in line so they would not get the chance to go to the restroom. Whilst every one should use the facilities before getting in line what if it’s a 6 hour queue? With a couple, one person might need to go 3 hours in. An hour later the other person might want to go but they can’t leave. A 2nd point is that even if only one goes, this couple are going to be separated for 3 hours. Boring.