‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are here

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is coming in 2023, and to celebrate, McDonald’s has a line of limited-time Happy Meal toys themed to the film. Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Lumalee are up for grabs when you next visit McDonald’s.

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" McDonalds Happy Meal Toys available now.

These toys are not all released at once. Here in Orlando, Fla, the toy available at time of writing is Toad in his blue racing kart. But, collectors can continue the hunt for all characters, as well as two versions of Mario, in Happy Meal purchases.

With info directly from the McDonald’s app, you can get three versions of Happy Meals, all each come with one toy. There is the Hamburger ($3.99 before tax), 4 Piece Chicken McNugget ($4.69 before tax) or the 6 Piece Chicken McNugget ($5.19 before tax) meal option.

Finding 'The New Super Mario Bros Movie' McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

We went out to our local McDonald’s to find out which ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Happy Meal toys we would get.

Free "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" activity sheet from McDonalds.

McDonald’s is also offering a free activity sheet based on “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.”

On the Happy Meal website, McDonald’s showcases all of the toys, and each of their simple, yet movable, functions.

You can watch the full “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” trailer in the link above. Hype and anticipation for this film are building as new toys and merchandise are coming to stores. And, around the world, new Super Nintendo World theme park lands are coming to life as well.

Super Nintendo World Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach And Toad Character Meet And Greets

Universal Studios Japan already has a Super Nintendo World land and is soon getting a Mario Bros. and Pokémon parade. Universal Studios Hollywood is nearly complete with their rendition of Super Nintendo World. And, in Florida, Universal is hard at work on their Universal’s Epic Universe theme park, which will have a Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong land.

Which of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” Happy Meal toys will you aim for? Do you search out these types of collectibles? And, do you have any Mario themed Happy Meal toys from the past?


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  1. Why is it here in new Zealand we don’t get the kool toys everyone else does and when are we going to be able to get the Mario toys?