The Tropical Hideaway now open in Disneyland Park

The tiki torches have been lit, and the food is ready! The Tropical Hideaway is now open in Adventureland at Disneyland park.

tropical hideaway
Adventureland’s newest oasis is now open at Disneyland park!

This new oasis can be found between the Jungle Cruise and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, and offers unique eats with a view of the tropical shores of Adventureland.

tropical hideaway

The marketplace features an open-air dock where guests can relax on the Jungle River waterfront while enjoying sweet and savory bites. When the sun goes down, torch lights illuminate the area, creating an enchanting nighttime setting. 

Rosita can also be found here, awaiting a Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. boat to take her to stardom as she flies solo. She spends her time waiting for her (very late) boat by telling jokes and looking back on the hideaway from way back when.

tropical hideaway

As guests enter The Tropical Hideaway, they’ll be greeted by local merchants selling their wares. Over at the fruit whip counter, new Dole Whip flavors are available, including orange and raspberry, as well as the classic pineapple flavor. These can be ordered in a cup or as a float – and swirl options are available!

At the next booth over, an old boiler heats up warm hand-held food, like delicious bao buns. The Spiced Vegetable Bao is filled with chickpeas and braised vegetables, while the Bulgogi Beef Bao is filled with sweet chilies and potatoes.

tropical hideaway

You definitely won’t want to miss the Sweet Lumpia or the Chilled Ramen Shaker packed with fresh veggies, ramen noodles, togarashi cashews, and Asian vinaigrette dressing.

Other grab-and-go options include baked potato chips, salt and vinegar potato chips, onion chips, organic chickpea puffs, and plantain chips. A variety of cold drinks will also be available, including soft drinks, coconut water, tea, and mango orange juice.

Be sure to check out The Tropical Hideaway on your next trip to Adventureland – now open in Disneyland park!

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