Disney100 1950s Decades Collection launches May 15

Celebrate magical moments from “Cinderella,” “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” “Alice In Wonderland,” and more with 1950s-themed merchandise from the Disney100 Decades Collection.

Humphrey the Bear and Goofy pin from Disney100 1950s Decades Collection
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As Disney100 continues through 2023, the Decades Collection commemorates a new era of Disney history each month; this month, it’s time for the 1950s. All items in the collection will be available beginning May 15, 2023, online at shopDisney, as well as in-person at Disney theme parks.

Let’s travel through time by getting a peek at every item in the 1950s Decades Collection, in chronological order of the movies the products celebrate.

1950s Decades Collection: Cinderella

In 1950, Walt Disney Animation Studios began a new decade of filmmaking with “Cinderella.” The fairytale marked the studio’s triumphant return to full-length animated films, having only developed compilations of shorts and featurettes since 1943 due to World War II.

Cinderella Loungefly mini-backpack from Disney100 1950s Decades Collection

A new Loungefly mini-backpack ($88) features the moment Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms the heroine for her trip to the ball. Cinderella’s animal friends, including Gus, Jaq, and Bruno, look on in awe. The back of the bag depicts the enchanted pumpkin coach and a silhouette of the now-iconic castle.

Cinderella Loungefly mini-backpack from Disney100 1950s Decades Collection

1950s Decades Collection: Humphrey the Bear

Also in 1950, Humphrey the bear debuted in a Goofy short called “Hold That Pose.” The well-meaning but accident-prone Humphrey went on to co-star in a handful of Donald Duck shorts and even a few cartoons of his own. A limited-edition pin ($34.99) honors Humphrey’s first appearance and has movable pull-out “photos” of the bear from different angles.

1950s Decades Collection: Alice In Wonderland

Disney Animation released “Alice In Wonderland” in 1951, and now fans can show their love for the film with a new MagicBand+ ($64.99). Artwork on the wearable features Alice and the Garden of Live Flowers. The limited edition of 4,300 can be linked to guests’ profiles for use at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

1950s Decades Collection: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

If 1954’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” is among your favorite Disney films — or if the classic submarine attraction of the same name was among your favorite Disney rides — you’ll love this new Mickey ear headband ($39.99). The faux leather ears depict the Nautilus sub and the giant squid. 

1950s Decades Collection: The Shaggy Dog

Disney caps off the decade in 1959 with the live-action film “The Shaggy Dog.” The movie stars a who’s-who of Disney regulars, including Fred MacMurray, Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello, and Kevin Corcoran. The cast is practically “The Avengers” of mid-century Disney actors.

A new “Shaggy Dog” plush ($34.99) is part of the 1950s Decades Collection. You wouldn’t know it from his appearance, but this sheepdog is actually a teenage human. His apparel in this plush matches the dog’s appearance in the film’s poster, which advertised the production as “A new kind of horror movie… horribly funny!”

More Disney100 Decades on the Way

It’s fascinating to see which titles Disney selects to represent each new decade in these collections. Some are expected (there’s been no shortage of “Cinderella” merch over the years, for example), while other choices are fun curveballs (when was the last time you saw anything acknowledging “The Shaggy Dog”?)

Disney100 Decades Collection

It’s equally curious which projects Disney excludes from the Decades Collection. The studio’s animated filmography in the 1950s boasted “Peter Pan,” “Lady and the Tramp,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” This was also the decade when Disneyland opened and “Mickey Mouse Club” first hit airwaves (though, to be fair, Disneyland got a Disney100 collection all its own.)

As the Disney100 Decades Collection continues, it will be fun spotting which movies and characters will be in the spotlight next (fingers crossed for “That Darn Cat” in the ‘60s).

You can shop for items from other Disney100 collections, including previous Decades roll-outs, on shopDisney. The 1950s Decades Collection will officially launch May 15, 2023.

Disney100 castle

The Disney100 celebrations continue all year long with festivities at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and around the globe.

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