Photo Update: Universal’s Harry Potter roller coaster, Great Hall rumor

Many rumors have risen over this mysterious Harry Potter roller coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Could it be the forbidden forest, or perhaps the courtyard of Hogwarts? And which way does it go anyway? We are here to check out the current progress, and speculate some more. This photo report, with shots provided by Jonathan Rodriguez/Sublime Image Photography, oversees the current construction going on at the Wizarding World.

This new coaster, which is rumored to open late fall of 2019, is still quite a mystery. Universal has released practically zero information on this project, other than fact that it will be “one of the most highly-themed coaster experiences“.

These three arrows are the key points to notice in this update. A new building addition near the elevator/drop track building, the rumored Great Hall building, and the rumored Hagrid’s Hut.

In our last update, we spoke about one side of this new wall structure. Now that the second side has been added, it seems like it be a full, covered addition to the elevator/drop track building. You can also see that most of the nearby track is covered in white tarp. With the tarp extending way beyond the building, we can expect some major construction to happen soon in that area.

This structure, which we have seen built from the ground up, has long been rumored to be Hagrid’s Hut. With a roof shape like that, the belief in this rumor has only grown. It also appears that the brake/launch point coming from the hut is receiving a lot more work as well. Use the construction workers near the track as a comparison of the size of this rather large building. It has also been rumored that this structure will house animatronics of sorts, but there is no proof for that currently.

The most prominent rumor, at this time, is that the theme of the ride will be about exploring the courtyard and surrounding areas of Hogwarts. Many have suggested that this large building in the center would be the Great Hall, and that the coaster would smash through it, as guests are taken on a wild tour of the school yards.

If this was true, Universal would need to explain why the Hogwarts school is in numerous places at once in a single land. They would also need to hide many major parts of the attraction away from the actual land to keep it in a unified story with the rest of Hogsmeade.

With the ride having extremely close proximity to the rest of Hogsmeade, it will be interesting to see how this theming does pan out. We know that the attraction will be more family friendly than the Dragon Challenge coaster that was here beforehand. We also know that we should expect to see some favorite characters, and creatures, from the Harry Potter film franchise.

We also know that there is still a lot more to be done. With the load and unload building being expanded, track being covered, and more structures rising weekly, Universal is certainly getting ready to unveil a major new attraction.

Harry Potter Roller Coaster at Universal Orlando, aerial construction tour

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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s not the Great Hall. If I had to guess, it’s the boathouse. It’s location in relation to the castle and the forbidden forest makes sense.

    The only thing working against that theory is the lack of any body of water nearby.