Detailed look at the space-themed dueling roller coaster construction at Epic Universe

As we speed closer to the summer 2025 opening of Universal Epic Universe, @bioreconstruct has shared photos of one of the park’s “E-ticket” attractions: a dueling roller coaster.

Epic Universe dueling roller coaster
Photos by @bioreconstruct

The largest roller coaster at Universal Epic Universe is not expected to be themed to any of the park’s rumored lands (How to Train Your Dragon, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Universal Monsters) nor to the confirmed Super Nintendo World. Instead, it’s believed the thrill ride will be tied to the park’s overall theme.

The overview photo below not only shows us that landscaping is already underway near the dueling roller coaster (something that typically happens much later) but also where the attraction is positioned in the park, with the still-rumored “How To Train Your Dragon” area on the left and Harry Potter-related land on the right.

Epic Universe dueling roller coaster

Here’s a video from @PeacefulThrillSeeker on Instagram.

A wide-angle photo shows the entire length of the dual-racing coaster, which gives us an idea of its scale.

Epic Universe dueling roller coaster

Another photo shows the yellow tracks for the Epic Universe dueling roller coaster on the left and a separate roller coaster on the right in the “How To Train Your Dragon-“themed land. We can also see one of the land’s twin spinning rides that we recently reported on.

Epic Universe dueling roller coaster

Now let’s take a closer look:

In the following photo, we can see the roller coaster’s highest hills. @Bioreconstruct observes each one is “crested immediately after a launch below.” It also appears the ride’s trains will cross over each other in a “Celestial Spin” on the left side (the second launch of the multi-launch Dragon coaster can be seen at the right in this photo). We can also see a blue dragon for one of the “How to Train Your Dragon” spinning rides marked with a yellow arrow.

Epic Universe dueling roller coaster

In addition to the tracks, construction is progressing of the roller coaster station (still without a roof), including what appears to be a celestial-themed frame – in keeping with the park’s “epic universe” theme – trailing inside. Perhaps this will become a shooting star or comet?

Regardless of theming, Universal is clearly continuing its recent string of exciting thrill rides like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and Jurassic World VelociCoaster (both in Universal Islands of Adventure).

We’ll continue to keep an eye on construction at Universal Epic Universe, but you can also sign up for updates from Universal Studios Orlando Resort here.


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  1. I wonder if this is the old Dueling Dragon coaster From Islands of Adventure park.
    I know for sure as soon as I ride it one day.