New concept art released for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

New concept art for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been shared on the Disneyland website, giving fans a different look at some of the areas they can explore when the land opens on May 31 at Disneyland park and Aug. 29 at Walt Disney World.

galaxy's edge
New concept art for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been shared.

The first piece of art to check out is of the Milk Stand, where guests can sip on the iconic blue milk, or the green Thala-siren milk that Luke Skywalker famously drank in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

galaxy's edge
Concept art for the Milk Stand.

In the image, you can see the open-air stand decorated with containers filled with the “milk” and roaming guests sipping on glasses of the blue stuff.

galaxy's edge
Concept art for the interior of Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

The next piece of concept art gives a new look at the interior of Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, the quick-service location for Galaxy’s Edge. In the image, you can see the various food stalls where guests will be able to purchase all sorts of galactic eats.

galaxy's edge
Concept art for the Creature Stall.

The third image gives a glimpse at what a visit to the Creature Stall will look like, where guests can purchase their own furry (or not so furry) friend from a galaxy far, far away to take home. This retail location will offer all sorts of adoptable creatures, including porgs, tauntauns, wampas, worrts, and more.

The final new image gives us a previously-unseen look at the Play Disney Parks app features for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

galaxy's edge
A first look at the Play Disney Parks app interface for Galaxy’s Edge.

Through the app, guests will be able to hack into machinery, scan things, translate Aurebesh into Galactic Basic (that’s English for those of us not from the Star Wars universe), and tune in to Resistance and First Order transmissions. This image gives us a look at what the app’s specific Galaxy’s Edge interface will look like.

An extra bit of information on this image comes from its file name: “delos_marketing”. For all you fans of HBO’s sci-fi theme park series “WestWorld”, Delos is the name of the company responsible for building the vast, narrative-based Western experience park.

“Delos” as a word also has Greek origins and is the name for an island that’s the legendary home of Apollo and Artemis. Apollo is the national divinity of the Greeks, and is the god of truth and prophecy, music, the sun and light, plague, healing, poetry, and more; Artemis is Apollo’s twin sister, and is the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, the wilderness, the Moon, and chastity.

This revelation puts a new perspective on the land when thinking of the “WestWorld” connection, as that fictional park was able to transport its guests to another time and place and immerse them in a grand, overarching story where every action had a reaction and impact on the world around them.

This kind of experience has long been promised to guests expecting to travel to Batuu once the land opens this May at Disneyland and this August at Walt Disney World. Using the name “Delos” seems only fitting.

galaxy's edge

Guests will be able to explore Batuu when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on May 31 at Disneyland park, and Aug. 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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