Photo Update: The Starships of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

by Tharin White

We are less than a month away from the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the most ambitious park expansion in Disney Parks history. With a grand opening date of May 31 in Disneyland California and August 29th at Walt Disney World, we have entered the endgame of construction for this highly anticipated land.

Thanks to aerial shots by @Bioreconstruct on Twitter, in-park photos by Disney/ABC News 7 and recent news by Blooloop/Brady MacDonald we have compiled an updated look at what to expect from this land, from AT-AT walkers to a Smuggler’s Run on the Millennium Falcon. These shots, unless otherwise noted, are taken at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

To start, we have to talk about the Millennium Falcon, the infamous ship that has changed hands countless times in the Star Wars timeline. We have actually had numerous articles talking about its construction progress, (Year in Review / The scale of the Falcon / Up-close looks)

Photo by Bioreconstruct on Twitter

The Millennium Falcon will be a whopping 112 foot long recreation of the ship. It will be one of the many iconic views in the land and will serve as the waypoint for the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction. Guests will be able to get up-close looks at the Falcon before entering the queue for the attraction. Once in line, guests will also be able to see the top of the ship from a unique viewpoint.

Photo by Tharin White Photography on Instagram

The Sienar-Chall Utilipede-Transport Ship at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was actually the first ever ship we saw at either of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands. This ship rests above Hangar Bay 7, one of the food and beverage locations inside of the land. This ship design is currently exclusive to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but we may possibly see it in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this December.

Photo by Bioreconstruct on Twitter

The Transport ship can be seen center left, located in the same area as the Millennium Falcon. This recent image also showcases how much concrete walkway work is being done. Hangar Bar 7, underneath the transport ship, and Ronto’s Roasters, the large domed building to its left, are nearly finished with their exterior work. The white-roofed building, near the front of the Millennium Falcon, will be Oga’s Cantina. Over in Disneyland this will become the first ever public location to offer alcohol for sale in the park.

Leaked photo from Disneyland’s construction site

The TIE Echelon will be seen first in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but it is assumed that we will see it in The Rise of Skywalker as well. This First Order ship will be placed outside of the First Order Cargo shop. This starship will be near one of the three entrances at Disneyland.

Photo by Bioreconstruct on Twitter

Walt Disney World however will only have two entrances to the land. Here we can see the resting place of the upcoming ship. The TIE Echelon was first spotted in Disneyland a little over a month ago. If this timing is the same for Walt Disney World we should see the ship around June.

Photo by NearMap of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge construction

But, the TIE Echelon and the Millennium Falcon aren’t the only ships we will be able to see. Located near the entrance to the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction will be two X-Wings, an A-Wing and the Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship.

Photo by Disney/ABC News 7 of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge construction

Both a blue X-Wing and a red A-Wing will be located near an entrance to the land. In Disneyland this will be the entrance from Critter Country while at Walt Disney World this will be the entrance from Grand Avenue.

Photo by Disney/ABC News 7 of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge construction

Poe Dameron’s signature orange and black X-Wing will also be in the land, but guests will only be able to get an up-close look if they queue up for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This view will be one of the last we see before boarding the Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship, the beginning of the journey for the attraction.

Concept art by Disney

The Resistance Intersystem Transport Ship will be the first pre-show for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This large ship is expected to hold 50 guests and will feature an animatronic Nien Nunb.

Photo by Disney/ABC News 7 of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge construction

Elsewhere in the land guests will be able to see a Tatooine Land speeder and a Jakku Raider Speeder.

Photo by Bioreconstruct on Twitter of Disneyland’s construction

In Disneyland these two land speeders can just barely be seen under the covering to the left of the tan domed structure.

Photo by Bioreconstruct on Twitter

Back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios we can see the future placement of these land speeders. This angle also showcases the second entrance into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on the top left. This entrance will be from the Toy Story Land area of the park.

Concept art by Disney

While they aren’t a landspeeder or a starship, we cannot forget about the AT-AT Walkers. Nearly two years ago we got our first look at these enormous vehicles that will be inside of the Rise of the Resistance attraction. Rumors have stated that these AT-ATs will have moving turrets that will fire down upon the guests as the ride vehicles weave-and-dodge around their legs.

With so little time left until the official grand opening, what are you most excited to learn about next? Will you be going opening day to Disneyland or Walt Disney World version?

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